Our Fear Free Commitment to You and Your Pet!

We are proud to be a Fear Free Certified Practice. All of our staff are Fear Freesm  certified professionals and are dedicated to caring for your pet's emotional well-being as well as his/her physical well-being.

We'd like you to know how we meet that goal. Is your pet showing signs of anxiety and bad stress before arriving at the veterinary office? Ask us if pre-visit sedation or supplements might take the edge off and keep your pet happy and relaxed.

Would your pet be happier waiting in your car rather than the waiting room?  Just let us know and we will be glad to accommodate you!

You'll be brought into the exam room a few minutes before your pet will be seen because we would like the two of you to enjoy some calm time together.  This will allow your pet to explore the room and relax a little first.

Special calming chemical signals, known as pheromones are infused throughout the exam rooms.  Only dogs and cats can smell them, and they find them relaxing. The music in the rooms is also specially created for canine and feline stress reduction.

We promise to keep our voices low and calm, and to never use force to examine, test, or treat your pet.  We'll use gentle control techniques, innovative tools, and medication when necessary to ensure your pet's emotional health isn't sacrificed for the sake of medical care.

Unless it's medically inappropriate, we will be giving your pet lots of treats during their visit.  This is so he or she starts associating a trip to the vet with good things!  That will keep stress levels low. Bringing your pet into their appointment hungry can help this process along.

Some pets prefer to be examined up high, on a table, in your lap, in their carrier, or on the floor. We will go where we need to go to make your pet comfortable during the exam.  We'll also us specialized distraction techniques to keep your pet focused on good experiences while we perform procedures such as injections that might cause brief stress or pain.

Questions?  Just ask!  We want you to be happy too. Interested in learning more about Fear Free?  Visit fearfreepets.com