What to Expect

Puppy When you are looking for a veterinary clinic you should be able to count on superior care, excellent service and a friendly atmosphere.  The Animal Hospital of Orleans has assembled an expert team of professionals to bring you the best possible healthcare for your pet.  Whether it is veterinary medicine, dog or cat boarding, or bathing, our trained and experienced staff is well prepared. We have a state of the art veterinary facility which is clean, comfortable, and efficient. We are known as: The High Tech Hospital with affordable prices and Cape Cod Charm.

Our doctors recommend that you bring you pet in for a comprehensive physical examination at least once a year. Pets age faster than humans and the physical exam is one of the most effective ways to detect problems early - catching them before they become a more serious illness.  Early detection leads to prompt treatment and better health.

Bring in any medical history you have on your pet when you come to our clinic.  We will review your pets medical and vaccination history with you. If you have any specific health concerns about your pet, we suggest writing them down so we can be sure to answer all of your questions during your visit.

Vaccinations:  There are many different vaccinations available today for dogs and cats, but your pet may not require every available vaccine.  Every pet’s situation is unique. The doctors at the Animal Hospital of Orleans will work with you to develop a vaccine protocol tailored specifically for your pet. Some vaccines are “core” vaccines and are recommended for every pet. Other vaccine recommendations will be based on your pet’s lifestyle and their risk of exposure to disease.  For example:  Agility dogs, pets in play groups, “outside” cats, boarding and grooming pets, and pets who travel often, typically have more exposure to other pets which warrants additional immunizations.  Our doctors and healthcare staff are experienced and well educated about vaccines.  Our goal is to give your pet the immunity & protection he or she deserves – but without administering any unnecessary vaccines.   We will work together to develop a vaccination schedule that fits your pet’s unique lifestyle, health, and risk for exposure to disease.   (Note: Rabies vaccines are required by law). 

If something is wrong:  If you bring in a sick pet or if we find a problem during a physical exam, be assured that your pet is in good hands.  If additional diagnostics are indicated, we have an in-house laboratory that can provide results in minutes. If X-rays are required, our state-of-the-art Digital X-Ray system provides high quality radiographs in-house.  These digital images can be computer enhanced to aid in making a diagnosis or electronically transmitted to a Board Certified Radiologist for a "stat" consult.  Our fully-stocked pharmacy allows us to have the prescription medications your pet needs on hand for quick convenient treatment.  For problems requiring surgery or for elective procedures such as spay and neutering, our modern, sterile, surgery suite is well-equipped and we use the safest anesthesia available - the same ones used in human hospitals. 

It is always stressful when your pet is not feeling well. The Animal Hospital of Orleans promises to make that difficult situation as comfortable as possible for you and your “best friend” by providing prompt, thorough treatment and effective communication.  We strive to provide treatment options that are within your budget. 

Specialists: In some circumstances, the Doctor may refer you to a specialist who has expertise in a specific field such as cardiology or ophthalmology. Our hospital has relationships with top specialists in these and other fields. Our goal is to ensure your pet is in the right hands for their specific need.