Each kit contains the following:

Zylkene, which is an over-the-counter calming supplement that contains bovine-sourced hydrolyzed milk protein.  The capsules can be given orally or opened up and mixed in with food.  It is given once a day and we will give you enough to give the day before and the day of your pet's appointment.

Species-specific Pheromones which mimic familiar calming pheromones given off naturally by cats and dogs.  Do not use either product directly ON your pet.  Feliway wipes for cats, may be used in the carrier or car. Adaptil spray may be used on the enclosed bandana or in the car.  Spray/wipe the product 15 minutes before need.  It will last for 4 to 5 hours.

It is a proven fact that certain music can calm people, well, the same holds true for animals.  You can borrow a species-specific CD or put on some classical, reggae, or soft rock at least 10 minutes before you leave your house and also play it in the car on your way to us. 

If you pet doesn't like waiting in the reception area or other dogs/cats will heighten anxiety in your pet, just call us from the parking lot and we will make sure the exam room is readily available.

For more info on the Fear Free Initiative visit www.fearfreepets.com

To purchase Zylkene, Feliway, or Adaptil visit our online store at www.animalhospitaloforleans.com